Sound Morphing

This page is devoted to Pete’s experiments with Sound Morphing.
Here are a few examples, with explanatory blurbs:

Smirnoff ‘Hotel

Received the ILAA award for best sound and voted one of the RAB’s top 40 all-time greatest radio commercials.There was a 5.1 Dolby digital version for cinema where the screen was completely black. It only had a very short run (maybe it was just too scary in the dark).

Orange ‘Answerfax’

Received a D&AD award for best Production and an Aerial award for best sound design.

This shows a very different way of getting from sound A to sound B.

London Transport ‘Romance’

This shows a single voice slowly splitting into a four part string section (Music also by Pete).

Malibu ‘Office’

Music out of sound effects.

Listen for the typewriter becoming the HiHat, the typewriters bell becoming the steel drums, the yawning bloke becoming the brass section and the fridge hum becoming the bass.

Walkers Crisps ‘Gary’s about’

Pure speech morphing to help Gary Lineker pull off his disguise.